Discipleship Intensive

A TWO YEAR Discipleship Training Program

Jesus commands His followers to “make disciples of all nations.” The Refuge Discipleship Intensive is a two year track, which pushes students to learn and grow in key aspects of New Testament discipleship. Drawing from Scripture and looking to the lives of powerful Christians from the past, students will be challenged in areas like personal holiness, prayer, power for service, spiritual warfare, and hearing God’s voice.

An essential part of the discipleship house ministry.
Available to anyone else - no matter which church you attend.
Also available to distance students via Zoom.
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This two year track involves two classes at a time in 12 week increments. For each class, there is a book for the whole class along with weekly reading and scripture memorization. Being enrolled in the whole program is highly encouraged, but there is flexibility in that people can choose to attend and complete the reading and work in only one of the two classes going on rather than both at the same time.  People can also opt to only attend the seminars as well.

The Refuge Discipleship Intensive is now open for enrollment!

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