1310A Westloop Plaza #262

Manhattan, KS .66502

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The Refuge



The Refuge Fellowship is a culture of shared values and priorities

It is a place where people have met Jesus in life-transforming ways (… this is why on most Sundays we let some individual share their story of how God radically transformed their life).


It is a place where people strive to know the Bible deeply (… it’s normal around here for the average member to know whole books of Scripture by heart).


It is a culture of prayer, because we know that prayer moves God’s powerful hand (… average members give God a daily hour and also commit to corporate prayer efforts).


It is a culture where people love each other (… our church isn’t just Sundays. We are a family and so our community functions all week).


It is a culture of compassion (… around here we rejoice when God brings the broken, the poor, the addicted, and the oppressed through our doors, because we expect miracles).




We have worship, teaching and a meal together every Sunday at 10:30am at the Kansas State Student Union (918 N 17th St, Manhattan, KS 66506) on the second floor. Come join us! 

We also come together for a church wide prayer meeting Tuesday evenings at 7pm at the Ministry House (800 Laramie, Manhattan, KS. 66502). 

Bible seminars happen every Saturday morning as a part of the discipleship program 8am at the Ministry House. 

Discipleship Book

Written to reinforce some of the core beliefs of the refuge fellowship. Why do we do what we do?  Why do we do it the way we do it? It's all summarized here. Click on the image to read it.

1. How can I know I am really born again?
2. Is knowing the Bible really that important?
3. How do I keep from falling into sin?
4. How do I pray in a way that actually works?
5. How do I experience the Holy Spirit’s power in ministry?
6. Can Satan still torment me after I become a Christian?
7. How can I know God more intimately?
8. How am I supposed to make sense of evil and suffering? 
9. How can I be sure when God is speaking to me?
10. Does every Christian need to be concerned about the           poor and oppressed?